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Christmas in Akron the Musical

December 1 - December 24

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Book & Lyrics by ROB LOOS


Diane Diamond, the head copywriter at "O’Toole’s" Department Store in Downtown Akron, Ohio, is hiding a secret – this year she’s scheduled to direct O’Toole’s Annual Christmas Spectacular with the help of her friends -- sarcastic art director, Roger Hamlin, and the energetic piano player from Men’s shoes, Benjamin “Bevo” Beaverman, who is in love with her. The mere 48 hours they have to launch the production becomes a wild race to find the “talent,” get the show up on its feet, and celebrate the holiday season, while trying to avoid the store’s VP, the bitter Irene Richardson, who wants to shut the whole thing down. Our team, along with some of the craziest acts in Northeastern Ohio, is somehow able to pull it off in one of the most delightful Christmas shows ever.

Part backstage musical, part Christmas celebration, part human comedy, it’s an event for the whole family filled with unforgettable characters and memorable songs. It’s been described as “A CHRISTMAS STORY meets THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER.” Winner of GTC New Play Initiative, CHRISTMAS IN AKRON is destined to be a perennial.

"Christmas in Akron: The Musical’ is the winner of the GTC New Play Initiative. It was workshopped at the Grove Theatre Center in Burbank, CA under Artistic Director Kevin Cochran and Executive Director Charles L. Johanson. The Cast included Julietta Corti, Thom Babbes, Tim Farmer, Janet Raycraft-Farmer, Jamie Anderson, Hanna Covington, Michael Beattie, and Jesse Corti.

Special thanks to Akron visionaries Dave Lieberth and Gregory Fiocca.



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*Student tickets available to those under 18 or with a valid college ID.