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Bach at Leipzig

April 12 - April 29

Directed by JT Buck

Leipzig, Germany  1722. Johann Kuhnau, revered organist of the Thomaskirche, suddenly dies, leaving his post vacant. The town council invites musicians to audition for the coveted position, among them young Johann Sebastian Bach. In an age where musicians depend on patronage from the nobility or the church to pursue their craft, the post at a prominent church in a cultured city is a near guarantee of fame and fortune -which is why some of the candidates are willing to resort to any lengths to secure it. BACH AT LEIPZIG is a fugue-like farcical web of bribery, blackmail, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Enlightenment questions about humanity, God, and art.


"The most stylish and substantive play based on classical music since Peter Shaffer's Amadeus" .  Ithaca Times

"A funny, fiercely intelligent romp."  Los Angeles Times

A fleet-footed, quick-witted, brain-teasing farce. It's a joy.  San Francisco Chronicle

If you like super-smart silliness, be ready to laugh until your ribs are sore. A who's-on-first farce full of theatrical trickery and fizzy verbal slapstick.  The Wall Street Journal

A remarkably silly yet intellectually stirring comedy. Deserves to be a minor classic. Reaches for an ineffable beauty and mystery that is hard to shake.  Queen Anne News

Lovely, wise, tender, strong, and the best play I've seen  or can imagine  by a young playwright.  Chicago Reader

An intellectual fun-house of a play. With its wordplay, brainy allusions and virtuoso manipulations of artistic form, it has a 'look-Ma-no-hands' swagger. A poignant meditation on the artistic temperament and the transporting power of music.  Washington Post

Itamar Moses' brainy comedy doesn't settle for cheap laughs, though it has a lot of them. He's got more  much more  on his mind...a look at pride, the meaning and duties of talent, and deep, discursive ruminations on whether music and people can  or should  evolve without spiritual faith.  Seattle Weekly

Moses may be some kind of genius.  Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Brilliant. What consistently amazes and delights is not just the wealth but the breadth of the intellectual fencing, which never misses a comedic beat. Moses reveals a remarkable ability to make a complex, intellectual play funny, with the feather-light touch of a modern Moliere. Shepherd Express  Milwaukee

Suitable for All Ages. 


April 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 at 7:30

April 15, 22, 29 at 2:30

General Seating (Please call or email for special seating requests)

No Refunds. Exchanges subject to availability.

*Student tickets available to those under 18 or with a valid college ID.

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